Jamie Broder

Canadian Beach Volleyball Athlete

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Game plan. As an athlete, it was ingrained in us that this was a critical element to prepare prior to a match or competition. Without one, a successful outcome was more difficult and often relied a little more on luck or instincts. Flipping the script and heading into the career world means that I know the importance of applying the same tactics to this facet of my life. Thankfully, so do the wonderful people behind @gameplancanada, who are helping athletes build a foundation for success in life after sport, and have stepped up to support this transition. . At the beginning of January, I embarked on a new journey and goal for 2019 - completing my MBA from the Smith School of Business. Best part, I can do it from Vancouver! It’s early days, but I’m already blown away by the quality of instructors, classmates and content that encompasses the program. The team-based approach is something that feels very natural to me and I can already see how it will transfer to my career where I can directly apply my learnings! . Being back at school while juggling a full-time career will have it’s challenges, but I’m so up for it. Grateful for my work family at Arc’teryx who has been unbelievably supportive and encouraging, as well as my rock @mavhat who makes the chaos totally manageable and fun 🤗 . What are you focused on for 2019 and do you have the people in place to help you accomplish it? Feeling pretty stoked on the team of rockstars I have in different corners of my life! . #smithschoolofbusiness #gameplan #teamcanada #lifelonglearning #lifeaftersports #backtoschool #MBA