Jamie Broder

Canadian Beach Volleyball Athlete

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Mom and I recently teamed up to speak to the parent group at @st._johns_school about the benefits of participating in extra-curricular activities and how they can help your academic performance. Was fun to share the stage with her and reflect on my many years in sport and activity from a young age. Thanks @kathybroder! . What I gained through my experience on team sports: 1) Confidence - to speak up and value myself, believing I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. 2) Positive Peer Relationships - real friendships where we support one another, communicate clearly and openly, and hold each other accountable when needed. 3) Resiliency + Determination - understanding that setbacks in life will happen - especially when pursuing big goals and dreams. I learned to focus on what I can control, and use challenges and failures as a way to reflect, pivot and try again a different way. Hard work will take you far! #mentorship #headtohead #sports #heartandhustle #teams #youth